People are the ones
who turn good businesses
into amazing experiences.

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One of 150 Great Places to Work in Brazil.

(Você SA Magazine / FIA USP)


We're an agile, disruptive digital bank.
An ethical bank, proud of how it values and recognizes the history of each person with whom it works, with over three thousand associates throughout Brazil.

Our proximity to people is what makes us grow and deliver products and services that fit better and better with their various needs and dreams. Because if there's one thing we're sure of, it's that people have the power to turn good businesses into amazing experiences.

Pra gente, o futuro é agora

For us, the future is now.

Some people just sit and wait for the future.
We'd rather be ready for it.

To make sure of that, we've joined up with innovative startups and fintechs. We focus on developing solutions in client services, sales over the phone and credit recovery. Everything at the speed the world demands—and it's going to demand so much more.

You grow with Agibank.
Agibank grows with you.

Find out why it's the right place for you to work.

  • Do you like to change things up? No two days are alike here. Get ready, because the pace is incredible.
  • Everyone shares the same goals and challenges, everyone rolls up their sleeves and works together to achieve them. Initiatives and projects run in parallel, with integrated agile teams.
  • Here, meritocracy is for real. Every year, dozens of associates are promoted to new positions, often in different areas from the ones where they started out at the company.
  • The selection processes are serious and genuine, following the pace and values of Agibank.
  • Personal development is assured by a wide range of corporate education initiatives, available at the Agibank Knowledge Platform.

Who are the people
who bring a gleam
to our eyes?

People who dream big.
People in line with our purpose, people who want to leave a legacy behind them, who want to make things happen.
People who are always looking for new challenges, because they are resilient and in touch with the world. We want people who want to grow and evolve, who want to go farther. We want people who don't expect to be given everything, but rather know how to establish strong connection and like some straightforward teamwork.
People who are ethical, critical, innovative. People capable of internalizing and strengthening everything we believe in.

Quem são as pessoas que fazem nossos olhos brilharem?