Privacy policy

Agibank respects user privacy. Personally identifiable information, such as names, contacts and document numbers, aren't collected when you simply browse this website. The collection and use of browsing data uses only impersonal data, such as IP (Internet Protocol) addresses and cookies, in compliance with current rules and regulations.
Agibank will use that information to analyze browsing patterns and build a better user experience, as well as to improve the products and process it offers to users and clients.
User identification, as well as the provision of their contacts and personally identifiable data, will require that users freely and actively fill out and send the relevant forms; likewise when accessing online banking services, and then exclusively for the execution of financial operations and queries.
Agibank has adopted stringent security policies to prevent the unlawful and unauthorized access to the portal's database; any attempt at such forms access, successful or otherwise, is subject to criminal prosecution.
At the Agibank customer service system, the primary goal of our highly-trained staff is to answer your electronic queries. However, it would be impossible to fully guarantee every message will reach the service area or be answered effectively, both for technological and nontechnological reasons, and users should contact us again if they do not receive a reply.
Access to online banking services is protected by an individual password and other security features, and your identification in this securing browsing environment is only made after entering your account data and password, exclusively for the provision of financial services and information.