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Personal Loans

For retirees, pensioners, military personnel and civil servants, even those who've already used up their payroll discount limits.

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The best choice for retirees and pensioners.

Payday loans

Payroll deduction in up to 72* installments with reduced fees. You can also order an Agibank Payday Credit Card to increase your limit.

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You can stay on top of your bills.

Get an advance on your year-end bonus

Peace of mind and a little extra money to make your dreams come true.

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You needed credit, we came up with it.

Loans for Private Sector Workers

A new service from Agibank. You can even get a credit card, giving you more credit that you can use however you want.

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These are the documents
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  1. 1. Identification document


    Your ID card and CPF number.

  2. 2. Proof of residence


    Any recent document with your address, like a phone bill or utility bill;

  3. 3. Proof of income


    Last paycheck or INSS (Brazilian social security) credit information.

  4. 4. Bank statement


    You can print one out at your bank or at an ATM. Must be dated.

  5. 5. Authorization of automatic payment and application agreement, duly signed (at the store)


    Checking account agreement — Individual (if the customer wants to open an account with us);
    Service Agreement and “Annex 1;”
    Payment authorization III;
    Payday Credit Card Service Agreement and Authorization of Automatic Payroll Deduction (if payment source is SIAPE and INSS).


    Credit approval subject to analysis. * Other documents may be requested, depending on the type of loan requested.

Payment schedule: Minimum period 3 months, maximum 72 months. Total Effective Cost: Total Effective Cost (TEC) ranges from 33.97% to 39.48% per year. Amount of personal loan of R$ 1,532.00 to be paid in seventy-two (72) months. Total of seventy-two (72) installments of R$ 45.68. Personal loan rates and fees: Total amount to be paid: R$ 3,288.96. IOF (Tax on Financial Transactions): R$ 50.86. Fees: R$ 0,00. Interest rate: 2.08% per month. Annual interest rate: 31.99% p.a. TEC: 33.93% p.a. Check the conditions for each product. * Exemptions and additional documentation requirements depend on loan category. Annual interest rate: 31.99% p.a. | TEC: 33.93% p.a. Check the conditions for each product.