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Investments of up to R$ 250,000.00 per CPF or CNPJ identification number are guaranteed by Fundo Garantidor de Crédito (FGC, Credit Guarantee Fund).

All investments are also registered at Câmara de Custódia e Liquidação (Cetip, Custody and Settlement Chamber) and formalized with our customers through a written agreement, the bill of negotiation. Rest easy: your money is safe here.

To track your investments quickly and securely whenever you want, you'll have access to our online banking services on your browser and on the app.


The longer you keep your investment, the lower the Income Tax rate and the higher your returns. The reason is that CDs, like other fixed income investments, are subject to a system of decreasing income tax withholding rates (IRRF), based on duration of investment.

  • Period Rate


  • 0 to 180 days


  • 181 to 360 days


  • 361 to 720 days


  • over 720 days


Income Tax is the only tax on the return on your investment, which the bank collects and pays out. The tax is levied when your investment matures or is redeemed, based on the investment period. The tax on financial operations (IOF) follows a decreasing schedule, and the investment is exempt after 30 days.