The best way to learn about who we are is for us to tell you what we believe in.

Our Values.


Our obsession with making every client's day better is tireless and genuine.


We believe in our people's potential and are thrilled with their accomplishments and their happiness.


We're almost 4,000 CEOs: we like and we seek ownership in everyone.


We want to make people's financial lives easier by delivering the best experience and the right product at the right time.

We have physical and digital channels to give our clients the power of choice. We invest in digitization initiatives to help include clients in the digital revolution. And we provide financial education so clients can have more control over their lives and their future.

Innovating means simplifying.

We pioneered QR codes in Brazil and are the only online bank in the world where the customer's cellphone number is their account number.

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Client stories

“I can say Agibank gave me a job.”

David Silva, 23 - Agibank client - São Paulo

The digital revolution has brought about challenges for everyone who wants to remain in the workforce—and especially for those counting on getting their first break.

But it also brought opportunities to those willing to fight for them.

When he got his Agibank credit card, David Silva, 23, from São Paulo, saw the chance to make his life better.

“I can say Agibank gave me a job. Through Agibank, I got a credit card, so I'll be able to rent a car and work as a driver.”


Companies only grow when their workers grow.

We encourage people to be autonomous and to take a leading role in actions and initiatives, giving voice and opportunities to those who really understand the biz.

Modelo de trabalho

O melhor lugar para trabalhar é aquele onde você é feliz.

  • Agibank Home Office:

    Work where you want, within a given radius of one of the offices.

  • Agibank Campus:

    Our innovative workspace in São Paulo.

  • Agibank Global Experience:

    Remote work while abroad.

  • Agibank LAB:

    Our workspace at Instituto Caldeira, in Porto Alegre.


Atitudes que nos fazem ter orgulho de quem somos.

Attitudes that make us proud to be who we are. Environmental, social and governance actions in our day-to-day. Principles we have adopted for the good of society, for the sustainable development of our planet, and for a better world. Environmental factors: use of natural resources, greenhouse gas emissions (CO2, methane), energy efficiency, and waste management.

Social factors: work and community relations, inclusion, diversity, engagement, social causes, skills training, human rights, privacy and data protection policies. Governance factors: board, management, auditing and financial committee, ethics and transparency.


Being an entrepreneur means effecting change.

This is our essence. Simplicity to bring out the disruptive creativity of our solutions. A startup culture living total innovation, adaptability and organizational flatness every single day. This is how we improve and facilitate customer experience for thousands of people. We are a company with a unique way of being and doing, but that's always right for you.

Happy people are entrepreneurs and changemakers

Marciano Testa, Founder and CEO of Agibank

Marciano Testa is an entrepreneur who works every day to inspire his associates to practice entrepreneurship as well. Driven by challenges, he believes in people's ability to achieve and to change the world.

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