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The future of payment methods

What do you think payment methods will be like in the future? A few years ago, you couldn't imagine yourself leaving home without cash. Today, credit cards are a permanent fixture of our wallets. Meanwhile, an increasing number of people have joined the world of online shopping and online payments.

We live in a world revolutionized by the technology, a world with abundant communication and information, where the digitization keeps picking up steam.

Wristbands, watches, buttons, appliances, personal assistants, networked vehicles, smart homes. All those things can now offer shopping experiences. It sounds like sci-fi, but it's our new reality!

In China, restaurants, stores and even buskers are paid primarily with smartphones. And that's the technology Agibank is bringing to Brazil.

Pay, receive and transfer, using just your phone

With Agipay, you can transfer funds or shop using a QR Code. We have developed a disruptive technology that eliminates the need for intermediation from the global payments industry, uniquely suited for retailers to be paid without middlemen and without costs, allowing users to pay simply and quickly. Check out how Marcelo Maisonnave, founder of Start Se and XP Investimentos, spent his day without a wallet.