For you, a complete bank account on your phone.

An online-only bank with no red tape. Download the app and open your account for free. There's no waiting and no need for invites.

With Agibank,
you can ask for the direct deposit of your paycheck right on your mobile.

Simple, fast, and the way a digital bank has to be.

open your account


Everything on your phone.
No bureaucracies.

  • Free services pack

  • International credit card without anual fee

  • Zero maintenance fee

  • Extra services with reduced fees

  • Unlimited Agibank to Agibank transfers

  • Unlimited QR Code Payment

  • Real-time online credit

For you, it's very easy:
full checking account with an international credit card with one annuity-free year.




per month

Wanna keep your card annuity-free? It's easy: just ask to transfer your salary account to Agibank :)

Main free services for you:

  • Issue up to 4 invoices.

  • Transfer funds up to four times.

  • Shop using a QR Code.

  • Four withdrawals from Rede 24 Horas ATMs and two withdrawals at lottery shops

  • Pay a contact or group of friends

  • Need more? You only pay for what you use, and prices are waaay low :)



For you or your company, the future is now.

Give it a try:
there's no red tape

You can not imagine how many advantages will fit on your phone.


On your time

Just download the app to pay, receive and charge. And, obviously, you can track everything on your timeline right away.


Just like that

No waiting, no invites, no stalling. You can have your own online bank account in minutes.


Pay easily

Use your cellphone contacts to pay people directly, even if they don't have an Agibank account. Invoices and bank transfers? We can do those too.


Let's go shopping

The first Brazilian online bank account that allows you to pay for stuff using just a QR code and your phone. Enjoy the special benefits.


Easy to maintain

You can reload your bank account with a bank transfer or an invoice. You can also receive directly from people and even cash your paycheck.


Debit and credit cards

Open your account and request a two-in-one international Mastercard debit and credit card straight from the app. You can use it for everything right now and make withdrawals from any ATM.


A complete checking account

Cash your paycheck using a complete checking account and without spending a penny on it.