About Agibank

We're much more than an online bank. We like to say we're a technology company that really, really understands financial services, as well investments, payment methods, cards, insurance, financing, and much more. 

Instead of following trends, we want to set them. To us, cash transactions should be as straightforward as texting. We were the first bank ever to make your cellphone number your checking account number, and that means anyone with a smartphone can become an Agibank client, anywhere on the planet. And that's just for starters.

Along with their online account, our clients have an innovative payment method at their disposal, whether they're businesses or individuals. Using the QR Code, you can make payments, both to other people and to companies, directly on your smartphone. There are no fees, no card readers, no middlemen, and no waiting.

Our company is connected to people from all around the world. We know what people value. And that's because, to us, values are never just numbers.

About Agibank


Freedom. Security. Peace of mind.


We innovate so technology can provide
inclusion and give you more time to
enjoy the moment.


So you can make things come true.
So you can dream.
Anything you want.


Believe us: if you value
all those things,
we do too.

Everything you need

Checking account, payment method, credit, cards, insurance, investment, financing. There are many choices, but we have only one reason for being: making you happy.

We're diversifying our portfolio into new products and services. That means we don't just want your business, we want to understand you. What do you need, what are your dreams, where do you want to go?

You can bet we'll keep coming up with disruptive products to improve the experience of our thousands and thousand of clients. That's our way, that's our startup culture: total innovation, adaptability and horizontality. Our company is different, and it makes a difference every day, for our team and for our partners.

For you.

Strategic vision


To make people's everyday life better.

Our mission

To be a high-tech financial platform that provides simple, agile and innovative solutions.


To be among the top 10 banks in Brazil in net income by 2022.

Corporate values

Company values

We work tirelessly to achieve our goals.

Ethics means ethics!

We're crazy about attracting and recognizing talent.

Passion for people is what drives us.

We work based on collaboration and flow.

There's nothing better than winning together.

Technology and innovation are in our DNA.

The client really matters!

Promoting financial inclusion means making the world a better place.